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    Here is where you'll find all the fun. Listed below are the carving groups that meet in the metro area through Metro Carvers of Michigan.
All are on a drop in basis and open to everyone regardless of skill level. Follow the links to the left to visit any group page you wish.
On those pages you will find a map and contact person for each location. It's a great way to get your feet covered in chips and learn if you
want to carve.Or already carve and want to carve with others.Grab some wood, a knife or even a wood burner and come visit !

    We will also focus a page to each group with updating group information. We'd love to keep these pages fresh and up to date with group events,
contest or even images. It's up to you, the members to keep Marcy(me) updated with information and pictures. Just click the email to your left if
you want to add content. This way your group page can remain a place of interest to all of us and show off your groups effort in making your
page shine.

    All Metro info will be on the Metro pages. Plus we plan on linking to photos. We will set up the album and provide links, Each
group will provide photos they choose to have posted. Each group will have a chosen contact person within that group to pass on group info
they want on their page.

If you really read this far down, Thank you for taking the time to read this.